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C H A P T E R 4
NewtApp Applications
About the NewtApp Framework
Figure 4-6
The smart name view and system-provided people picker
Stationery, an extension you can add to any NewtApp application, is tightly
integrated with the NewtApp framework.
Stationery consists of two components that work together: a data definition (dataDef)
and a view definition (viewDef). The dataDef provides a definition of the data to be
used in the stationery. It is registered in conjunction with its display component,
which is a viewDef.
These extensions are available to the user through the New and Show stationery
buttons in the NewtApp application. The names of the viewDefs are displayed in
the Show menu. The New button is used either to propagate the new entry defined
in the dataDef or to display the names of the dataDefs. For more detailed
information, see Chapter 5, "Stationery."
NewtApp Compatibility
The NewtApp framework did not exist prior to version 2.0 of Newton system
software. Applications created with NewtApp protos will not run on previous
versions of the Newton system.
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