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C H A P T E R 6
Pickers, Pop-up Views, and Overviews
Overview Protos
pop-up view is displayed to allow the user to select any option or enter a new one.
See Figure 6-42.
Figure 6-42
Pop-up view displayed over list
If the user selects "Add new price" (or if there were one or no options already
available to them), the user can enter a new price as shown in Figure 6-43.
Figure 6-43
Slip displayed for gathering input
The proto is driven by a frame contained in the
slot. This picker
definition frame may or may not come from the data definition registry. The
functionality it provides, however, is similar to that of any data definition: it offers
all the hooks the proto needs to interpret and display the data without the proto
itself knowing what the data is.
The chosen items are collected into an array, as described in "Name References"
(page 5-1) in Newton Programmer's Reference, which can be stored separately
from the original entries. Each selection is represented in the array by a name
reference that contains all information needed to display or operate on the entries.
The name reference is stored as part of the selection, along with an entry alias that
refers to the original entry, if there is an original entry. (See "Entry Aliases"
beginning on page 12-1 for basic information on these objects.)
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