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About Text
C H A P T E R 8
Text and Ink Input and Display
Figure 8-0
Table 8-0
This chapter describes how the Newton system handles text and presents interfaces
you can use to work with text in NewtonScript applications.
The material covers the following components of Newton text handling:
handwritten text input
keyboard text input
views for text display
fonts for text display
The first section of this chapter, "About Text," describes the basic terms and
concepts needed to understand text processing on the Newton.
The second section, "Using Text," describes how to use the various input and
display components to handle text in your applications.
For comprehensive reference information about the text-related constants, data
structures, views, methods, and functions, see "Text and Ink Input and Display
Reference" (page 7-1) in Newton Programmer's Reference.
About Text
This section describes the basic concepts, terms, and processes you need to
understand to work with text in your applications.
About Text and Ink
The Newton allows you to process two forms of text input: ink text and
recognized text
This section describes both forms of text input.
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