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C H A P T E R 8
Text and Ink Input and Display
Using Text
The view flags are described in "Views" (page 3-1). The
recognition view flags are described in "Recognition"
(page 9-1).
Although raw ink is intended mostly for drawing, the user can still write with raw
ink by choosing "Sketches" from the Recognition menu. The recognizer
automatically segments raw ink into ink words. The raw ink can subsequently be
recognized, using deferred recognition. Unlike ink text, raw ink is not moved or
resized after it is written.
When raw ink from a 1.x system is dragged into a paragraph view, each piece of
ink is automatically converted into an ink word. This conversion is not reversible.
You can use one of two representations for text and ink that are
mixed together. The first and more common representation is as a
rich string, as described in "Rich Strings" (page 8-22). The second
representation, used in paragraph views, is as a text string with a
corresponding series of matching style runs. This representation,
which is used for editing operations in paragraph views, is
described in "Text and Styles" (page 8-25).
Ink Word Scaling and Styling
Ink words are drawn using the pen thickness that the user specifies in the Styles
menu. After the ink words are drawn, they are scaled by the system software. The
scaling value is specified in the Text Editing Settings menu, which the user can
access by choosing Preferences from the Recognition menu.
The standard values for scaling ink words are 50 percent, 75 percent, and 100 percent.
After the system performs scaling, it assigns a font style and size to the ink word.
The initial style is plain. The initial size is proportional to the x-height of the ink
word, as estimated by the recognizer. This size is defined so that an ink word of a
certain size will be roughly the same size as a text word displayed in a font of that
size. For example, an ink word of size 12 is drawn at roughly the same size as a
text word in a typical 12-point font, as shown in Figure 8-4. The ink words in
Figure 8-4 were first scaled to 50 percent of their written size.
Figure 8-4
Resized and recognized ink
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