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C H A P T E R 8
Text and Ink Input and Display
Using Text
You can modify the size at which ink words are displayed in two ways: by
changing the scaling percentage or the font size. For example, suppose that you
draw an ink word and the system calculates its font size, as written, at 36 point. If
your ink text scaling is set to 50 percent, the ink word is displayed at half of the
written size, which makes its font size 18 point. If you subsequently change the
scaling of that ink word to 100 percent, its font size changes to 36 point.
If the user applies deferred recognition to the ink words, the recognized text is
displayed in the current font family, size, and style, as specified in the Styles menu.
There is a maximum ink word size. Ink words are scaled to the
smaller of what would be produced by the selected scaling
percentage or the maximum size.
Constraining Font Style in Views
You can override the use of styles in a paragraph view so that all of the text in the
paragraph is displayed with a certain font specification. To do this, use the
slot of the paragraph view along with two of the text view flags.
If you include
in the text flags for a paragraph view, all
recognized text in the view is displayed using the font family, point size, and
character style specified for
. This is the normal behavior for input fields.
If you include
in the text flags for a paragraph view, all
ink words in the view are displayed using the point size and character style
specified for
. Note that the font family does not affect the display of
ink words.
Using the
does not modify the
slot of the view. However, if you
use either of these flags, the system does not allow the user to
change the text style for your paragraph view.
The text view flags are described in "Text Flags" (page 7-2) in Newton
Programmer's Reference
Using Fonts for Text and Ink Display
Whenever recognized text is drawn on the Newton screen, the system software
examines the font specification associated with the text to determine how to draw
the text. The font specification includes the font family name, the font style, and
the point size for the text. You can specify a font with a font frame or with a packed
integer; both of these formats are described in this section.
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