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About the Recognition System
C H A P T E R 9
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This chapter and Chapter 10, "Recognition: Advanced Topics," describe the use of
the Newton recognition system. The recognition system accepts written input from
views and returns text, ink text, graphical objects, or sketch ink to them.
This chapter describes how to use view flags to enable the recognition of text,
shapes and gestures in views. If you are developing an application that must derive
text or graphical data from pen input, you should become familiar with the contents
of this chapter. Before reading this chapter, you should be familiar with NewtonScript
message passing among views and the use of view flags to specify the characteristics
of views, as described in Chapter 3, "Views."
You need not read Chapter 10, "Recognition: Advanced Topics," unless you need to
provide unusual input views or specialized recognition behavior. (See that chapter's
first page for a complete list of its topics.)
About the Recognition System
The Newton recognition system enables views to convert handwritten input into
text or graphical shapes, and to take action in response to system-defined gestures
such as taps and scrubs.
Any type of view can accept pen input, and different types of views provide
different amounts of system-supplied behavior. Views based on the system-supplied
classes handle most forms of pen input
automatically. Applications need not handle recognition events in these types of
views explicitly unless they need to do something unusual. The
class, on
the other hand, provides no built-in recognition behavior. Views of this type must
provide all recognition behavior themselves.
The system provides recognizer engines (also called recognizers) that classify
pen input as clicks, strokes, gestures, shapes, or words. Each view can specify
independently which recognizers it uses and how the recognition system is to process
pen input that occurs within its boundaries. For example, you could configure a view
to recognize text and shapes, or you might enable only text recognition in a view
not intended to accept graphical input.
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