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C H A P T E R 9
About the Recognition System
multiple bits in the input mask to produce a particular behavior. You can use a
frame to set individual bits in the input mask, allowing you to control
aspects of recognition behavior that view flags do not.
Some features of the recognition system require the use of a
For example, to create a view that provides single-letter input areas suitable for
accepting pen input in a crossword puzzle application, you must supply a
frame that provides an
frame. The system-supplied
frame is used to specify the location of one or more single-letter
input views.
This chapter focuses on the use of view flags to configure recognition. The use of
frames is described in Chapter 10, "Recognition: Advanced Topics."
frames are described in "System-Supplied recConfig
Frames" (page 8-18) in Newton Programmer's Reference.
View Flags vs. RecConfig Frames
In most cases, view flags provide the easiest and most efficient way to configure
the recognition system. Although
frames provide more flexible and
precise control over the configuration of recognition behavior, they require more
effort to use correctly.
It is recommended that you use view flags to configure recognition unless you need
some special recognition behavior that they cannot provide. Examples of such
behavior include constraining recognition on a character-by-character basis,
implementing customized forms of deferred recognition, and defining baseline or
grid information.
The rest of this chapter discusses configuration of the recognition system only in
terms of the view flag model. You need to read this material even if you plan to use
frames in your application, because the description of
frames in Chapter 10, "Recognition: Advanced Topics," assumes an understanding
of the view flag model upon which these frames are based.
Where to Go From Here
If you're anxious to begin experimenting with view flags, you can skip ahead to
"Using the Recognition System" beginning on page 9-21 and test the effects of
various flags using the viewFlags sample application provided with Newton
Toolkit. However, it is recommended that you read the rest of this section before
attempting to work with the recognition system.
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