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C H A P T E R 9
About the Recognition System
can always add new words to the user dictionary programmatically, regardless of
which recognizer is enabled. To display or edit the personal word list, the user taps
the book icon on the soft keyboard.
Figure 9-5
Text Editing Settings slip
The system provides two versions of the Fine Tuning slip, one for each of the
cursive and printed text recognizers, as shown in Figure 9-6. Both slips provide a
"Transform my handwriting" slider control that allows the user to fine-tune the
system's use of temporal cues to determine when a group of strokes is complete.
This slider sets the value of the
slot in the system's
user configuration data.
Figure 9-6
Fine Tuning handwriting preferences slips
The Fine Tuning slip used by the cursive recognizer includes an additional slider
that allows the user to trade some measure of accuracy for a faster response from
the recognizer. The "Recognize my handwriting" slider sets the value of the
slot in the system's user configuration data.
When the cursive recognizer is enabled, the Options button in the Handwriting
Recognition preferences slip provides access to the Handwriting Settings slip
shown in Figure 9-7.
For cursive recognizer
For printed recognizer
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