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About Advanced Topics in Recognition
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Advanced Topics
Figure 10-0
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This chapter describes advanced uses of the Newton recognition system. If you are
developing an application that supports ink text, implements specialized recognition
system behavior, or provides unusual input views, you'll need to understand one or
more topics presented here. This chapter describes
the use of
frames. An individual view can use a
to specify its own recognition behavior, support ink text, specify baseline
information, support deferred recognition, and define input areas for single letters.
the use of text-corrector views and text-correction information.
the programmatic manipulation of system dictionaries and custom dictionaries.
Before reading this chapter, you should understand the contents of Chapter 9,
"Recognition," which provides an overview of the recognition system and
describes how to implement its most common behaviors. Depending on your
application development goals, you may also find it helpful to be familiar with
soups, as described in Chapter 11, "Data Storage and Retrieval."
About Advanced Topics in Recognition
This section provides conceptual information regarding
how views configure recognizers and dictionaries based on the interaction of
view flags,
views, and recognition-related
user preferences.
the use of
deferred recognition.
How the System Uses Recognition Settings
A number of settings that control the behavior of the various recognizers are
specified by the system's user configuration data. All views that perform recognition
inherit behavior from these values, which is why it's rarely appropriate for individual
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