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Recognition: Advanced Topics
About Advanced Topics in Recognition
values specified by an optional
frame, which may override values
inherited from user configuration data, override values specified by a
view, or supply additional values.
ProtoCharEdit Views
system prototype provides a comb-style entry view (or
comb view
) that allows the user to edit individual characters in words easily.
Figure 10-1
Example of
Individual character positions (or cells) in the comb view are delimited by vertical
dotted lines. Each cell that can be edited has a dotted line beneath it to indicate that
it can be changed. The user can edit a character by writing a new character over
one currently occupying a cell; the recognized value of the character is displayed in
the cell. When the user taps a cell, it displays a picker containing the best
interpretations of the input strokes. The user can correct the character in that
position by choosing an item from the picker.
The user can delete an individual character by tapping it and then selecting
"Delete" from the picker that is displayed. Alternatively, the user can delete one or
more characters by writing the scrub gesture over one or more cells.
The user can insert a space by tapping on the cell at the position that the new space
is to occupy and choosing Insert from the picker that is displayed.
Alternatively, the user can enter the caret gesture in a cell to perform the same
operation. When an insertion takes place in a cell already occupied by a character,
the comb view shifts that character and those comprising the rest of the word to
the right.
Tapping a blank cell before or after a word in the comb view displays a list of
punctuation characters that may be appropriate for that position.
The recognition behavior of a
view is controlled by values you
supply in an optional
slot. If this slot's value is
, the comb view is
said to be unformatted because input is not restricted in any way. The recognition
behavior of an unformatted comb view is similar to that of the text-corrector view
provided by the built-in Notepad application: all characters are allowed, insertion
and deletion are supported fully, and spaces are added at the ends of words to allow
them to be extended.
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