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About Data Storage on Newton Devices
C H A P T E R 1 1
Data Storage and Retrieval
Figure 11-0
Table 11-0
The Newton operating system supplies a suite of objects that interact with each
other to provide data storage and retrieval services. This chapter describes the use
of these objects--stores, soups, cursors, and entries--to save and retrieve data. If
you are developing an application that saves data, retrieves data, or provides
preexisting data, you should familiarize yourself with the contents of this chapter.
Before reading this chapter, you should understand the following sections in
Chapter 1, "Overview."
"Memory" on page 1-3 describes the use of random access memory (RAM) by
the operating system and applications.
"Packages" on page 1-4 describes the object that encapsulates code, scripts, and
resources as a Newton application.
"Object Storage System" on page 1-5 provides a brief introduction to the most
important data storage objects provided by the Newton operating system.
About Data Storage on Newton Devices
This section introduces Newton data storage objects and describes their interaction
and use. Additional special-purpose data storage objects are described in Chapter 12,
"Special-Purpose Objects for Data Storage and Retrieval."
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