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The NewtonScript Programming Language. This book comes with the Newton
Toolkit development environment. It describes the NewtonScript programming
Newton Book Maker User's Guide. This book comes with the Newton Toolkit
development environment. It describes how to use Newton Book Maker and
Newton Toolkit to make Newton digital books and to add online help to Newton
Newton 2.0 User Interface Guidelines. This book contains guidelines to help
you design Newton applications that optimize the interaction between people
and Newton devices.
Newton Programmer's Reference CD-ROM
This book is accompanied by a CD-ROM disc that contains the complete text of
Newton Programmer's Reference. Newton Programmer's Reference is the
comprehensive reference to the Newton programming interface. It documents all
routines, prototypes, data structures, constants, and error codes defined by the
Newton system for use by NewtonScript developers.
The companion CD-ROM includes three electronic versions of Newton
Programmer's Reference
. The CD-ROM contains these items, among others:
The complete Newton Programmer's Reference in QuickView format for the
Mac OS -- the same format used by the Macintosh Programmer's Toolbox
. In this format, you can use the extremely fast full-text searching
capabilities and ubiquitous hypertext jumps to find reference information quickly.
The complete Newton Programmer's Reference in Windows Help format. This
format provides quick and convenient access to the reference information for
developers working on Windows platforms.
The complete Newton Programmer's Reference in Adobe Acrobat format. This
format provides a fully formatted book with page-numbered table of contents,
index, and cross-references. You can print all or portions of the book, and you can
also view it online. When viewing online, you can use the indexed search facilities
of Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.1 for fast lookup of any information in the book.
The companion CD-ROM also includes an Adobe Acrobat version of this book,
Newton Programmer's Guide, and a demo version of the Newton Toolkit
development environment for the Mac OS.
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