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Data Storage and Retrieval
About Data Storage on Newton Devices
Soup Compatibility Information
This section contains compatibility information regarding
the new soup format introduced with version 2.0 of the Newton operating system
obsolete soup functions and methods
the new soup change notification mechanism introduced in version 2.0 of the
Newton operating system
soup information frame changes
null union soups on Newton 1.x devices
New Soup Format
Because 2.0 soup formats are incompatible with earlier versions of the Newton
data storage model, the system implements the following soup-conversion strategy:
When a 1.x data set is introduced to a Newton 2.0 system, the system allows the
user to choose read-only access or permanent conversion of the 1.x soup data to
the Newton 2.0 format.
Older systems display a slip that says "This card is too new. Do you want to
erase it?" when a Newton 2.0 soup is introduced to the system.
Obsolete Soup Methods and Functions
The system's approach to creating soups automatically has changed with version
2.0 of Newton system software. In previous versions of the system, any soup
registered by the
method was created automatically on any
PCMCIA card lacking that soup, even when the user specified that new items be
written by default to the internal store. The result was a proliferation of unused,
"empty" soups on any PCMCIA card introduced to the system.
Version 2.0 of Newton system software creates the members of union soups
automatically only when they are actually needed to store data. Thus, the
, and
functions have been made obsolete by the
functions. Similarly, the
store method has been made obsolete by the
function. For more
information, see "Soups" beginning on page 11-7.
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