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About Filing
When the user taps the
view, it displays the Filing slip
shown in Figure 15-2.
Figure 15-2
Filing slip
The Filing slip displays a set of categories in which the target can be filed. These
filing categories include all folders available to the application that displayed the
Filing slip, as well as the Unfiled category. This slip also provides a close box that
dismisses it without making any changes.
The user can create new folders and edit the names of existing ones by means of
buttons the Filing slip provides for this purpose. When a new folder is created, it
may be designated as visible only from within a specified application; such a folder
is said to be a local folder belonging to the application that created it. Any folder
not created as a local folder is visible from all applications, and is called a global
The system permits the creation of a maximum of twelve local folders per
application and twelve global folders system-wide. The system does not permit the
creation of local and global folders having the same name.
Most applications allow the user to create and view any combination of local and
global folders; however, you can suppress the display of either kind of folder if
necessary. For example, the Extras Drawer displays only its own filing categories
because those created by other applications are not likely to be useful for
organizing the display of application packages, soups, and so on.
When the user adds, removes, or edits filing categories, the folder change
notification service executes your previously registered callback function to
respond appropriately to these changes. You use the
function to register a callback function with this service. The companion function
unregisters a specified callback function.
Filing slip
filing categories
File button sends
message and closes slip
close box closes slip without
making changes
Edit Folder button allows user to edit or delete filing categories
New button allows user to create new filing categories (folders)
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