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C H A P T E R 1
System Services
Besides the sounds that are built into the system ROM, you can import external
sound resources into an application through the Newton Toolkit development
For information about using sound in an application, see Chapter 14, "Sound."
Book Reader
Book Reader is a system service that displays interactive digital books on the
Newton screen. Digital books can include multiple-font text, bitmap and vector
graphics, and on-screen controls for content navigation. Newton digital books
allow the user to scroll pages, mark pages with bookmarks, access data directly by
page number or subject, mark up pages using digital ink, and perform text searches.
Of course, the user can copy and paste text from digital books, as well as print text
and graphics from them.
Newton Press and Newton Book Maker are two different development tools that
you use to create digital books for the Newton. Nonprogrammers can easily create
books using Newton Press. Newton Book Maker is a more sophisticated tool that
uses a text-based command language allowing you to provide additional services to
the user or exercise greater control over page layout. Also, using Book Maker, you
can attach data, methods, and view templates to book content to provide customized
behavior or work with the Intelligent Assistant.
The Book Maker application can also be used to create on-line help for an
application. The installation of on-line help in an application package requires
some rudimentary NewtonScript programming ability; however, nonprogrammers
can create on-line help content, again using only a word processor and some basic
Book Maker commands.
Refer to the book Newton Book Maker User's Guide for information on Book
Reader, the Book Maker command language, and the use of Newton Toolkit to
create digital book packages and on-line help. Refer to the Newton Press User's
for information on using Newton Press.
Find is a system service that allows users to search one or all applications in the
system for occurrences of a particular string. Alternatively, the user can search for
data time-stamped before or after a specified date. When the search is completed,
the Find service displays an overview list of items found that match the search
criteria. The user can tap an item in the list and the system opens the corresponding
application and displays the data containing the selected string. Users access the
Find service by tapping the Find button.
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