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About the Find Service
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Figure 16-0
Table 16-0
This chapter describes how your application can support finding text, dates, or your
own data types in its data. If you want users to be able to use the system's Find
service to locate data in your application, you should be familiar with the material
discussed in this chapter.
Before reading this chapter, you should understand the concept of the target of an
action, explained in Chapter 15, "Filing." Familiarity with using views to image
data, covered in Chapter 3, "Views," is also helpful. If your application stores data
as soup entries, you should understand the contents of Chapter 11, "Data Storage
and Retrieval."
This chapter is divided into two main parts:
"About the Find Service" describes the core user interface to the Find service,
along with variations and optional features. A compatibility section covers
differences between the current version of the Find service and previous ones.
"Using the Find Service" provides a technical overview of Find operations, with
code examples to show how to implement support for this service in your
In addition, the "Find Reference" (page 13-1) in Newton Programmer's Reference
provides complete descriptions of all Find service data structures, functions,
and methods.
About the Find Service
The Find service searches for occurrences of data items the user specifies on a Find
slip. The Find slip may be supplied by the system or by the developer. Figure 16-1
illustrates the system-supplied Find slip.
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