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C H A P T E R 1 6
Using the Find Service
Figure 16-9
method displays the view of an overview item
The Find overview provides Routing and Filing buttons. If you are using the
the system will file, move, and delete your entries in
the overview of found items. In such an occurrence, the soup-change notification
mechanism notifies your application. (The soup-change notification mechanism is
described in Chapter 11, "Data Storage and Retrieval.")
If you are using the
you may either not allow your
found item to be routed or override the relevant methods.
Note that if the system routes your soup-based data, your application is notified via
the soup-change notification mechanism. For a complete description of this
mechanism, see Chapter 11, "Data Storage and Retrieval."
Global and Selected Finds
When the user taps the Find button, the system invokes find methods in the
appropriate applications. For a Local find, only the currently active application is
sent a message. For a Global find, all applications registered with the Find service
are sent messages. Selected finds send messages to a user-specified subset of all
applications registered for Global finds. In terms of the messages sent, Global finds
and Selected finds are similar to Local finds; however, there are some differences in
these operations that your application needs to address.
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