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Additional System Services
About Additional System Services
Online Help
Your application can provide a
view that displays customized
online help to the user (or a
if working in the NewtApp
framework). Help can also be displayed from the Intelligent Assistant. For a
complete description of how to create a help book and integrate it with your
application, see version 2.0 of the Book Maker User's Guide. For a description of
, see Chapter 7, "Controls and Other Protos." For a
description of the
proto, see Chapter 4, "NewtApp
Applications." For information about displaying online help from the Assistant, see
Chapter 18, "Intelligent Assistant."
Alerts and Alarms
The Alert service enables you to display messages to the user. The Alarms service
in addition to displaying a user alert, provides applications with a way to perform
actions at specified times.
User Alerts
The view method
displays a user alert slip similar to the one shown in
Figure 17-1. The system saves the last four alert messages. The user can scroll
through them by tapping the universal scroll arrows while the alert view is open.
Also, the user can tap the circled "i" to display the date and time of the message.
Figure 17-1
User alert
User Alarms
The Alarms service can be used to display an alert slip and execute a callback
function at a specified time. If the Newton is asleep at the time the alarm is to
execute, the alarm powers up the Newton and executes the callback function. The
user can temporarily dismiss the alert for a specified time period by tapping the
Snooze button included in the alarm slip, as shown in Figure 17-2.
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