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C H A P T E R 1
Communications Services
interface. You need to use the transport or endpoint interfaces only when writing
custom communication tools.
Endpoint Interface
The endpoint interface is a somewhat lower-level NewtonScript interface; it has no
visible representation to the Newton user. The endpoint interface is suited for
real-time communication needs such as database access and terminal emulation. It
uses an asynchronous, state-driven communications model.
The endpoint interface is based on a single proto--
provides a standard interface to all communication tools (serial, fax modem,
infrared, AppleTalk, and so on). The endpoint object created from this proto
encapsulates and maintains the details of the specific connection. This proto
provides methods for
interacting with the underlying communication tool
setting communication tool options
opening and closing connections
sending and receiving data
The basic endpoint interface is described in Chapter 23, "Endpoint Interface."
Low-Level Communications
There are two lower-level communication interfaces that are not used directly by
applications. The transport and communication tool interfaces are typically used
together (along with the endpoint interface) to provide a new communication
service to the system.
These two interfaces are described in the following sections.
Transport Interface
If you are providing a new communication service through the use of endpoints
and lower-level communication tools, you may need to use the transport interface.
The transport interface allows your communication service to talk to the In/Out
Box and to make itself available to users through the Action button (envelope icon)
in most applications.
When the user taps the Action button in an application, the Action picker appears.
Built-in transports available on the Action picker include printing, faxing, and
beaming. Any new transports that you provide are added to this list.
For more information, refer to Chapter 22, "Transport Interface."
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