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Additional System Services
About Additional System Services
Alarms Compatibility
All alarm information described here is new to the Newton 2.0 system. Alarm
functionality for 1.x devices is provided by the NTK platform file. See the platform
file release notes for the 1.x platform for important compatibility information.
Progress Indicators
This section describes the automatic busy cursor, the notification icon, and the status
slip, which you can use to provide feedback to the user during lengthy operations.
Automatic Busy Cursor
When the system is temporarily unavailable for user input, it displays the busy
cursor shown in Figure 17-4. Your application need not do anything extra to
support the busy cursor; the system displays it automatically. There is a function,
, however, which shows or hides the busy cursor.
Figure 17-4
Busy cursor
Notify Icon
The notify icon is a small blinking star you can display at the top of the screen to
remind the user that an operation is in progress without using the amount of screen
space a progress slip requires. The notify icon allows you to register callback
functions that are accessible to the user from a pop-up menu that the notify icon
displays. For example, you would normally register a function that allows the user
to cancel the operation in progress. Figure 17-5 illustrates the notify icon and a
menu typical of those it can display.
Figure 17-5
Notify icon
Notify icon
Notify icon's
popup menu
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