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C H A P T E R 1 7
Additional System Services
Using Additional System Services
Do not install idler objects having idle time intervals of
less than 100 milliseconds.
The following example prints a random five-letter word in the Inspector until the
view is closed:
myButton := {
_proto : protoTextButton,
ButtonClickScript : func() :SetUpIdle(100);//start the
text : "Print silly words",
ViewIdleScript: func()
print( GetRandomWord (5,5) );
//this function's return value
//determines when it is called next
2 * 1000; //come back in 2 secs.
Using Change Notification
For a complete description of these services, see the appropriate chapter:
For information on soup change notification, see Chapter 11, "Data Storage
and Retrieval."
For information on folder change notification, see Chapter 15, "Filing."
For information on user configuration change notification, see Chapter 19,
"Built-in Applications and System Data."
Using Online Help
You create online help by creating a help book using Newton Book Maker. For
information on how to do this see version 2.0 of the Book Maker User's Guide. The
help book can then be displayed from the information ("i") button. This button is
based on
, or
if you are working within
the NewtApp framework. For a description of the
proto, see
Chapter 7, "Controls and Other Protos." For a description of the
proto, see Chapter 4, "NewtApp Applications."
Help can also be displayed from the Intelligent Assistant. For information about
this, see Chapter 18, "Intelligent Assistant."
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