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Intelligent Assistant
Using the Assistant
Using the Assistant
This section describes how to make an application behavior available through the
Assistant, as well as how to display online help from the Assistant. This material
presumes understanding of the conceptual material provided in previous section.
Making Behavior Available From the Assistant
You need to take the following steps to make an application behavior available
through the Assistant:
1. Create an action template for your primary action. If necessary, create additional
action templates that define subtasks of the primary action.
2. Create zero or more target templates. (Some actions require no target; others
may use system-supplied target templates.)
3. Implement your
4. Create a task template.
5. Register and unregister your task template with the Assistant at the
appropriate times.
The sections immediately following describe these tasks in detail.
It is recommended that you begin by defining the action and target templates
required to complete the primary action. After doing so, you will have a better idea
of the tasks your
method needs to handle. After creating all the
necessary templates and writing a suitable
method, defining the task
template itself is likely to be a trivial chore.
Defining Action and Target Templates
Action templates and target templates are simply frames that contain a specified set of
slots and values. You need to define templates for all the actions and targets required
to complete a task. One of the action templates must define the primary action.
Take the following steps to define an action template or a target template:
1. Define a frame containing the
2. Assign the frame to a slot or variable that is the name of the template.
3. Place in the
slot a string that identifies the action or target that this
template defines.
4. If the template defines an action, place the symbol
in its
slot. If the template defines a target, place the symbol
in its
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