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C H A P T E R 1 8
Intelligent Assistant
System-Supplied Action Templates
// base your action templates on this generic action
dyna_user_action:= {
// this template has no lexicon
// Action template for dialing the telephone
call_act:= {
// Words or phrases to match with this template
// lexicon: ["call", "phone", "ring","dial"],
// Action template for using the Find service.
find_act := {
lexicon :["find", "locate", "search for", "look for"],
//Action template for faxing the target data item
fax_act:= {
lexicon: ["fax"],
//Action template for printing the target data item
print_act:= {
lexicon: ["print"],
// Action template for displaying the About box
about_act := {
lexicon: ["about newton"],
// Action template for retrieving time values
// from the Time Zones application
time_act := {
lexicon: ["time", "time in","the time in",
"what time is it", "what time is it in",
"the time in", "what time",
"what is the time", "what is the time in"],
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