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C H A P T E R 1 9
Built-in Applications and
System Data
Figure 19-0
Table 19-0
This chapter describes the interfaces to the built-in applications. It also describes
the soup formats used by the built-in applications and the soup format of the
System soup.
You should read the appropriate section of this chapter if your application needs to
interact with any of the built-in applications, receive faxes, use auxiliary buttons, or
access system data. Specifically, the following areas are covered in this chapter:
interacting with the Names application and its soup
interacting with the Dates application and its soups
interacting with the To Do List application and its soup
interacting with the Time Zones application
interacting with the Notes application and its soup
retrieving entries from the Fax soup
adding panels to the Prefs and Formula rolls
adding auxiliary buttons to other applications
creating and managing icons in the Extras Drawer
accessing user configuration data and storing application preferences in the
System soup
At the end of this chapter is a summary of all the functions, methods, data
structures, protos, and soup formats that are associated with the material discussed
in this chapter. Everything listed in this summary section is described in more
detail in Newton Programmer's Reference.
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