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C H A P T E R 1 9
Built-in Applications and System Data
Figure 19-2
Dates application Day and Day's Agenda views
Meetings and events can repeat. That is, they can recur on one or more days in
addition to the original meeting or event date.
The application is called Dates, because that is what the user sees, but in
programming the term "calendar" is used interchangeably and appears in the code.
Dates Compatibility
This section describes Dates features that are new, changed, or obsolete in system
software version 2.0, compared to 1.x versions.
All the Dates methods, variables, and constants described in this chapter are new.
The following slots are new in Dates soup meeting frames:
, and
. In addition, the
slot may contain a rich string instead of a
plain string.
Dates soup notes frames are new; see "Notes Frames" (page 16-62) in Newton
Programmer's Reference
The Dates application converts incoming soup entries that contain 1.x data into
soup entries that conform to the 2.0 data format. Conversion includes adding
particular slots to soup entries and, in some cases, removing slots. The data
conversion occurs when the Newton receives 1.x entries by beaming,
synchronizing using the Newton Connection Kit, or restoring from a backup.
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