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C H A P T E R 1 9
Built-in Applications and System Data
In addition to changes in the programmatic interface, the 2.0 version has
extensive changes in the user interface.
In system software version 1.x, the Dates application allowed notes (text and
graphics) to be written without an associated meeting marker. In system
software 2.0, such notes, previously called annotations, cannot be written.
Annotations imported via Newton Connection Kit from a 1.x system are still
visible and editable, however. As in version 1.x, these objects are stored in the
In 1.x versions, all instances of a repeating meeting or repeating events share the
same set of notes. A repeating meeting is one that recurs at a periodic time
interval. In 2.0, notes of a repeating meeting and repeating events are local to
each occurrence of the meeting. When a 1.x repeating meeting is converted to
2.0 format, all the notes are typically added to the meeting instance whose
meeting slip the user opens first.
Using the Dates Application
This section describes
adding meetings or events
deleting meeting or events
finding meetings or events
moving meetings or events
getting and setting information for meetings or events
creating and using a new meeting type
performing miscellaneous operations
controlling the Dates display
using the Dates soups
To get a reference to the Dates application, in order to send it the messages
described in this section, use this code:
Note that future Newton devices may not include the Dates application. You should
therefore check for the existence of the Dates application before trying to access it.
Use the following code to test for this:
if GetRoot().calendar then ...
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