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C H A P T E R 1 9
Built-in Applications and System Data
Time Zones
of slots in a soup entry. If you don't use these functions to get and set entry slots
in the built-in soups, your application may break under future versions of
system software.
Time Zones
This section describes the Time Zones API. The Time Zones application is shown
in Figure 19-4.
Figure 19-4
The Time Zones application
About the Time Zones Application
The Time Zone application lets the user access information about locations, which
may come from the system, the user, or from another application. The user can
browse the cities of the world for the time and other travel information, such as
network access phone numbers. The user can define a Home City, an Away City,
and other locations of interest (emporia). Information the user specifies is
available to your application. When the user specifies that the Newton device is in a
new location, local information, such as network phone numbers, is available to
your application. For more information on localization, see Chapter 20,
"Localizing Newton Applications."
Time Zone Compatibility
The Time Zone application runs only on version 2.0, and is fully compatible with
older versions back to 1.3.
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