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C H A P T E R 1 9
Built-in Applications and System Data
Prefs and Formulas Rolls
within the In/Out Box soup entry, where a user can view it. Applications may
be passed an In/Out Box soup entry as part of the putting away process. For more
information on handling items coming from the In/Out Box, see "Receiving Data"
beginning on page 21-31 in Newton Programmer's Guide.
The structure of the
frame is described in "Fax Soup Entries Reference"
(page 16-94) in Newton Programmer's Reference.
Prefs and Formulas Rolls
This section describes the Prefs and Formulas API's. Figure 19-8 shows custom
panels added to these two applications by DTS sample code.
Figure 19-8
Custom Prefs and Formulas Panels
About the Prefs and Formulas Rolls
The Prefs application presents the user with a list of items for which such preferences
as handwriting recognition and sound levels can be set. These are system-wide or
system-level preferences, do not add application-specific preferences to the Prefs
roll. The Formulas application contains a list of items that perform some sort of
calculation for the user.
You can extend the Prefs and Formulas rolls through the registry functions:
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