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Routing Interface
About Routing
which transports show up in the Action picker. The system builds a list of all
routing formats registered under the symbol matching the class of the object being
routed. This list contains all the formats that can be used with that class of object.
Remember that the class of a frame object is simply the value of the
slot in
the frame. So, to route a frame, it must have a
slot that contains a value
corresponding to one of the classes under which routing formats are registered. For
more details about registering routing formats, see the section "Registering Routing
Formats" beginning on page 21-16.
Each transport installed in the system contains a
array that indicates
the data types it can handle, for example,
['text, 'frame]
. For the item being
routed, the Action picker lists every transport whose
slot includes one
of the types specified by the
slots of the routing formats associated
with that item. This selection mechanism is illustrated in Figure 21-3.
For more information about transports, see Chapter 22, "Transport Interface."
Figure 21-3
Transport selection mechanism for action picker
Once the user chooses a transport from the Action picker, the routing slip for that
transport is displayed. All the routing formats that support the class of data being
routed and are handled by that transport are listed in the format picker in the routing
slip, as shown in Figure 21-4. The last used format for that transport in that
application is set as the current format; if no last format is found, the first format
found is used.
If there is an auxiliary view associated with a format, it is opened automatically
when that format is selected. For more details on auxiliary views, see "Displaying
an Auxiliary View" (page 21-15).
class: foo,
{foo: {
baz: {
['frame,'text], ...},
Routed object
Routing formats in view definition registry
Installed transports
Resulting Action picker lists the
transports Fax, Print, and Mail2
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