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Routing Interface
About Routing
Figure 21-4
Format picker in routing slip
The built-in applications and transports support routing of the basic data types
listed in Table 21-1. Other data types may be defined by applications, but only
those transports aware of them can use them. If you do create a custom data type,
you must append your developer signature to make it unique.
Typically, an application defines multiple routing formats to allow routing that uses
different types of transports. For example, an application might define one
format, one
format, and two
An application may make use of built-in routing formats and other routing formats
that have been registered in the system, if the application sends data of the class
handled by those formats. But typically an application registers unique formats of
its own that are custom designed for its own data.
This column lists the built-in transports that support each of the routing data types. Note
that this information is firmware-dependent. All Newton devices may not have all these
transports built in, and some devices may have additional transports not listed here.
Table 21-1
Routing data types
Data type
transport support
Data is exported in page-by-page views for
operations such as printing and faxing.
print, fax
Data is exported as a NewtonScript frame.
Data is exported as a string.
Data is exported as a binary object.
not applicable
Format Picker
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