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Transport Interface
Using the Transport Interface
information at that time. For example, if a user queued several fax items from
home but didn't send them until she got to work, the area code information for
telephone numbers might need to be changed.
Using protoAddressPicker
This proto consists of a labeled field that you can use in the routing slip to allow
the user to choose the recipient(s) of the item being sent. The first time the user
taps on the address picker, it opens a view that displays a list of names from the
Names file, from which the user can choose one or more recipients (Figure 22-5).
Figure 22-5
This view uses the
to provide the name picking facility. The
address picker is customizable so that you can substitute a name picking service
other than
by setting the
slot. For example, an
e-mail transport might use this facility to provide an alternate directory service.
When the user picks a name, the information is saved, and the next time the address
picker opens, it displays a small picker with the saved name and the choice "Other
Names." The user can choose "Other Names" to reopen the
view and select from the comprehensive list of names. Each time a new name is
selected, it is saved and added to the initial address picker list, giving the user a
convenient way to select from recently used addresses, as shown in Figure 22-6.
The address picker remembers the last eight names selected.
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