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Endpoint Interface
Using the Endpoint Interface
Multiple communication sessions. The system now supports multiple
simultaneous communication sessions. In other words, you can have more than
one active endpoint at a time.
Using the Endpoint Interface
This section describes
setting endpoint options
initializing and terminating an endpoint
establishing a connection
sending data
receiving data
sending and receiving streamed data
working with binary data
canceling operations
handling errors
linking the endpoint with an application
Setting Endpoint Options
Endpoint options are specified in an endpoint option frame that is passed as an
argument to an endpoint method. Typically you specify an array of option frames,
setting several options at once. Note that you cannot nest an option array inside
another one.
You must specify a single
option, to select a communication tool. Then
you usually specify one or more
options to configure the communication
tool--for example, to set the baud rate, flow control, and parity of the serial tool.
Note that if you are using the modem communication tool, you can use the utility
to return a modem dialing option for use with the
built-in modem tool.
You may also need to specify an
option, depending on the communi-
cation tool you are using. The only built-in tools that use an
option are
the modem and AppleTalk tools. Note that you should use the global functions
to construct
options for the modem and AppleTalk tools.
The slots in an endpoint option frame are described in detail in "Endpoint Option
Frame" (page 20-7) in Newton Programmer's Reference.
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