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About the Modem Setup Service
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Modem Setup Service
Figure 25-0
Table 25-0
This chapter contains information about the modem setup capability in Newton
system software. You need to read this chapter if you want to define a modem setup
package for your application. The built-in modem communications tool uses these
packages for communicating with modems. For more information about the built-in
modem communications tool, see "Built-in Communications Tools" (page 24-1).
This chapter describes:
The modem setup service and how it works with modem setup packages.
The user interface for modem setup.
The modem characteristics required by the Newton modem tool.
The constants you use in defining a modem setup. These constants are described
in detail in "Modem Setup Service Reference" (page 22-1) in Newton
Programmer's Reference
About the Modem Setup Service
This section provides detailed conceptual information on the modem setup service.
Specifically, it covers the following:
a description of the modem setup user interface
the programmatic process by which a modem is setup
modem requirements
The modem setup service allows many different kinds of modems to be used with
Newton devices. Each kind of modem can have an associated modem setup
package, which can configure a modem endpoint to match the particular modem.
A modem setup package is installed on the Newton as an automatically loaded
package. This means that when the package is loaded, the modem setup
information is automatically stored in the system soup and then the package is
removed. No icon appears for the modem setup in the Extras Drawer. Instead,
modem setups are accessed through a picker in the Modem preferences view.
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