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part A unit of software--either code or data--
held in a part frame. The format of the part is
identified by a four-character identifier called its
type or its part code.
part frame The top-level frame that holds an
application, book, or auto part.
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card
International Association. This acronym is used
to describe the memory cards used by the
Newton PDA. Newton memory cards follow the
PCMCIA standards.
persona The permanent internal description of
an individual person that uses a particular
Newton PDA, or a particular public image of the
Newton owner. The owner is the obvious
example, but there can be many others.
Choosing a persona sets up information such as
name, title, birthday, phone numbers, e-mail
addresses, and so on. The plural is "personae."
picker A type of Newton view that pops up
and contains a list of items. The user can select
an item by tapping it. This type of view closes
when the user taps an item or taps outside the
list without making a selection.
picture A saved sequence of drawing
operations that can be played back later.
A shape defined by a sequence of
points representing the polygon's vertices,
connected by straight lines from one point to
the next.
pop-up See picker.
project The collected files and specifications
that NTK uses to build a package that can be
downloaded and executed on
the Newton.
proto A frame referenced through another
slot. With regard to views, a
proto is not intended to be directly instantiated--
you reference the proto from a template. The
system supplies several view protos, which an
application can use to implement user interface
elements such as buttons, input fields, and so on.
protocol An agreed-upon set of conventions
for communications between two computers,
such as the protocol used to communicate
between a desktop computer and a Newton device.
raw ink See ink.
receiver The frame that was sent a message.
The receiver for the invocation of a function
object is accessible through the pseudo-variable
. See also implementor.
recognized text Ink words processed by the
recognition system. Ink drawn by the user is
converted into recognized text when the user has
selected "Text" in the Recognition Preferences
slip or after deferred recognition takes place.
See also ink word.
rectangle A shape defined by two points--its
top-left and its bottom-right corners--or by four
boundaries--its upper, left, bottom, and right
reference A value that indirectly refers to an
array, frame, or binary object. See also
region An arbitrary area or set of areas on the
coordinate plane. The outline of a region should
be one or more closed loops.
resource Raw data--usually bitmaps or
sounds--stored on the development system and
incorporated into a Newton application during
the project build.
restore To replace all the information in
a Newton with information from a file on
the desktop.
restricted entry field A field of a
view that accepts as user
input only the values specified in the view's
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