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C H A P T E R 4
NewtApp Applications
Using NewtApp
Some NewtApp protos are usable in your non-NewtApp applications. For example,
there is a
proto, see page 3-29 in the Newton
Programmer's Reference
, that is unique to NewtApp, which may be used, without
special provision, in a non-NewtApp application.
Other NewtApp protos--specifically the slot views--can function only within a
simulated NewtApp environment. The mechanism for creating this setup is the
proto, described on page 3-44 in the Newton
Programmer's Reference
The slot views, documented in "Slot View Protos" (page 3-49) in Newton
Programmer's Reference
, provide convenient display and data manipulation
functionality that you can use to your advantage in an existing application.
Using NewtApp
The protos in the NewtApp application framework can be used to
create an application that has one data soup and can be built as a data viewer
or editor
add functionality to non-NewtApp applications
create and incorporate stationery extensions
When you use the set of protos that make up the NewtApp application framework,
you can quickly create an application that takes full advantage of the Newton
system services.
In addition, many of the protos may be used in applications built without the
framework. In particular, the slot views, used to display data, have built-in
functionality you may wish to use.
The framework works best when used with stationery to present different views of
and formats for the application's data. The sample application, described in the
following sections uses a single piece of stationery, which consists of a dataDef
with two viewDefs. Stationery is documented fully in Chapter 5, "Stationery."
The sample application is built using the Newton Toolkit (NTK) development envi-
ronment. See Newton Toolkit User's Guide for more information about using NTK.
Constructing a NewtApp Application
The sample "starter" application presented here shows how to get a NewtApp
application underway quickly. You may incorporate this sample code into your
applications without restriction. Although every reasonable effort has been made to
make sure the application is operable, the code is provided "as is." The
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