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About the Find Service
In addition, an application can support searches of multiple data sets. For example,
a personal finance program might allow you to search the check ledger, the account
list, and the credit charges list as separate searches, even though all the data resides
in a single application. For more information on how to implement this in your
application see "Adding Application Data Sets to Selected Finds" beginning on
page 16-19.
In addition, you can replace the Find slip in the currently active application.
Typically, you would do this to provide a customized user interface for specialized
searches. For more information, see "Replacing the Built-in Find Slip" beginning
on page 16-24.
After setting the parameters of the search with the Find slip, the user initiates the
search by tapping the Find button. Alternatively, the user can cancel the search by
tapping the close box to dismiss the Find slip.
While the search executes, the system provides user feedback through a Progress
slip. This slip provides a Stop button that allows the user to cancel a search in
progress. Figure 16-5 shows a typical Progress slip.
Figure 16-5
Progress slip
When the search is completed, the Find service displays an overview list of items
that match the search criteria. Figure 16-6 shows the Find overview as it might
appear after searching all applications for the string
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