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C H A P T E R 1 9
Built-in Applications and System Data
Figure 19-1
Names application Card and All Info views
Names Compatibility
All the Names methods, variables, and constants are new in this version. The
, and
types are new. The
types include many new slots.
The Names application converts incoming soup entries that contain 1.x data into
soup entries that conform to the 2.0 data format. Conversion includes adding
particular slots to soup entries and, in some cases, removing slots. The data
conversion occurs when the Newton receives 1.x entries by beaming, synchronizing
using Newton Connection, restoring from a backup, or updating a 1.x card to 2.0.
A user can beam a card created in version 2.0 to a Newton running an earlier
version of the system and it will read and edit the card, and vice versa.
In addition to changes in the programmatic interface, the 2.0 version has extensive
changes in the user interface to accommodate the increased number of card types,
layout styles, and data.
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