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What's New in Newton 2.0
now support ink text. There are several new functions that
allow you to manipulate and convert between regular strings and rich strings. Other
functions provide access to ink and stroke data, allow conversion between strokes,
points, and ink, and allow certain kinds of ink and stroke manipulations.
There are several new functions that allow you to access and manipulate the
attributes of font specifications, making changing the font attributes of text much
easier. A new font called the handwriting font is built in. This font looks similar to
handwritten characters and is used throughout the system for all entered text. You
should use it for displaying all text the user enters.
The use of on-screen keyboards for text input is also improved. There are new
proto buttons that your application can use to give users access to the available
keyboards. It's easier to include custom keyboards for your application. Several
new methods allow you to track and manage the insertion caret, which the system
displays when a keyboard is open. Note also that a real hardware keyboard is
available for the Newton system, and users may use it anywhere to enter text. The
system automatically supports its use in all text fields.
Graphics and Drawing
Style frames for drawing shapes can now include a custom clipping region other
than the whole destination view, and can specify a scaling or offset transformation
to apply to the shape being drawn.
Several new functions allow you to create, flip, rotate, and draw into bitmap
shapes. Also, you can capture all or part of a view into a bitmap. There are new
protos that support the display, manipulation, and annotation of large bitmaps such
as received faxes. A new function,
, inverts a rectangle in a view.
Views of the class
can now contain graphic shapes in addition to
bitmap or picture objects.
System Services
System-supplied Filing services have been extended; applications can now filter the
display of items according to the store on which they reside, route items directly to
a specified store from the filing slip, and provide their own unique folders. In
addition, registration for notification of changes to folder names has been simplified.
Two new global functions can be used to register or unregister an application with
the Find service. In addition, Find now maintains its state between uses, performs
"date equal" finds, and returns to the user more quickly.
Applications can now register callback functions to be executed when the Newton
powers on or off. Applications can register a view to be added to the user preferences
roll. Similarly, applications can register a view to be added to the formulas roll.
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