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C H A P T E R 1 9
Built-in Applications and System Data
Figure 19-6
Notes note and Checklist views
About the Notes Application
Notes is a simple application based on NewtApp that allows the user to create new
stationery, scroll up and down, route and file notes, and scan an overview.
The Notes API is limited to a few methods which allow you to create new notes.
The Notes application can be extended by adding auxiliary buttons, as described in
"Auxiliary Buttons" beginning on page 19-36.
The name of the application is Notes, which is what the user sees, but in
programming the term
is also used and appears in the code.
Notes Compatibility
There are some anomalies in converting ink from system software 2.0 to earlier
versions of the system. Version 2.0 ink text is converted to straight ink when
viewed in 1.x versions. Paragraphs with mixed regular and ink text are converted so
that the regular text loses any styles; for example in 1.x versions, it becomes
18-point user font. Any paragraph that contains ink text is reflowed in 1.x versions
so that line layouts (breaks) are different from the original. This means that the
paragraph may grow taller. Ink works converted from 2.0 to 1.x straight ink appear
in the size originally drawn, not in the 2.0 scaled size.
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