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Transport Interface
Using the Transport Interface
The default setting of the
slot is the symbol
For more information about how to use name references for addressing information,
see the section "Creating a Name Reference" beginning on page 21-27. For more
on name references in general, see "Name References" (page 5-1) in Newton
Programmer's Reference
Grouping Transports
Two or more transports can be grouped together in the Action picker under a single
action. For example, there might be several different e-mail transports grouped
together under the single action "Mail." The user selects a particular e-mail
transport from a picker supplied by the system in the routing slip, if there are
multiple transports registered for that group. (The picker doesn't appear if there is
only one installed transport in the group.)
Each group of transports is identified by a common symbol, called the group
symbol. You indicate that your transport should be a member of a group by
specifying its group symbol in the
slot, its title in the
and its icon in the
slot. All transports in the same group should
specify the same group icon. This icon is shown in the Action picker for that
transport group. The individual transport icon (specified in the
slot) is shown
in the routing slip when the transport is selected from the transport group picker.
You can use the following built-in bitmaps in the
slot of your transport,
if it belongs to one of the predefined groups. Here are the magic pointer constants:
After the user chooses a particular transport in a group from the picker in the
routing slip, the system remembers the last choice and sets the routing slip to that
choice when the user later chooses the same routing action from the Action picker.
If the user changes the transport in the routing slip group picker, the system closes
and reopens the routing slip for the current target item, since the routing slip may
be different for a different transport.
Before the routing slip is closed, it is sent the
message. This
allows the routing slip to take any necessary action such as alerting the user that
addressing information might be lost as a result of changing transports. If
returns a non-
value, the transport is not changed and
Icon bitmap constant
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