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Transport Interface
Using the Transport Interface
Figure 22-6
Address picker with remembered names
The Intelligent Assistant also interacts with the address picker. If the user invokes a
routing action such as "fax Bob" with the Intelligent Assistant, the Intelligent
Assistant sets up the address picker with a list of alternatives from the Names file,
as shown in Figure 22-7.
Figure 22-7
Address picker set up by Intelligent Assistant
uses name references to refer to individual names. A
name reference is a frame that contains a soup entry or an alias to a soup entry,
usually from the Names soup, hence the term name reference. The system includes
built-in data definitions that can access name references and has associated view
definitions that can display the information stored in or referenced by a name
reference. The built-in data definitions and view definitions are registered under
subclasses of the symbol
. For more information about name references,
see "Name References" (page 5-1) in Newton Programmer's Reference.
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