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About the Endpoint Interface
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Endpoint Interface
Figure 23-0
Table 23-0
This chapter describes the basic Endpoint interface in Newton system software.
The Endpoint interface allows you to perform real-time communication using any
of the communication tools available in the system. The Endpoint interface is well
suited for communication needs such as database access and terminal emulation.
You should read this chapter if your application needs to perform real-time
communications--that is, communication operations that do not use the Routing
and Transport interfaces described in the previous chapters. This chapter describes
how to
set options to configure the underlying communication tool
establish a connection
send and receive data
set up an input specification frame to control how data is received
cancel communication operations
This chapter describes the general approach to using the Endpoint interface, but
does not discuss details specific to using individual communication tools. For
specific details on using particular built-in communication tools, see Chapter 24,
"Built-in Communications Tools."
About the Endpoint Interface
The Endpoint interface is based on a single proto--
which provides a standard interface to all communication tools (serial, modem,
infrared, AppleTalk, and so on). This proto provides methods for
interacting with the underlying communication tool
setting and getting endpoint options
opening and closing connections
sending and receiving data
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