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Modem Setup Service
About the Modem Setup Service
Modem setup packages can be supplied by modem manufacturers, or can be
created by other developers.
A modem setup package can contain four parts:
General information. The beginning of a modem setup package specifies
general information about the modem corresponding to the package--for
example, the modem's name and version number.
A modem tool preferences option. The part of the package that contains
specifications that configure the modem controller. For a description of this
option, see "Modem Preferences Option" (page 21-34) in Newton Programmer's
A modem tool profile option. This part of the package describes the
characteristics of the modem--for example, whether the modem supports error
correction protocols. For more information on this option, see the section
"Modem Profile Option" (page 21-38) in Newton Programmer's Reference.
A fax profile option. This part of the package describes the characteristics of
the fax--for example, the speed at which faxes can be sent and received. This
option is particularly useful to limit fax speeds over cellular connections.
If a modem supports both cellular and landline operations and does not
automatically configure itself, you need to create a separate modem profile or setup
for each operation. If you want to give the user the option to limit fax speeds,
which is a common practice with cellular connections, you may want a third profile
that specifies the fax profile option.
The constants and code shown in this chapter apply to the
NTK project that is provided by Newton Technical Support. This
project provides an easy way to create modem setups.
The Modem Setup User Interface
The user chooses the current modem setup in the Modem preferences, as shown in
Figure 25-1 (page 25-3). The Modem Setup item is a picker, which when tapped
displays all of the modem setups installed in the system. The chosen modem setup
is the default used by all applications.
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