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C H A P T E R 2 6
Utility Functions
Figure 26-0
Table 26-0
This chapter provides a listing of a number of utility functions documented in the
"Utility Functions Reference" in the Newton Programmer's Reference. The
following groups of functions are included:
Object system
Array and sorted array
Integer Math
Floating point math
Control of floating point math
Exception handling
Message sending and deferred message sending
Data extraction
Data stuffing
Getting and Setting Global Variables
Four of the functions described in the Object system section are designed to clone,
or copy, objects. These functions each behave slightly differently. Table 26-1
summarizes their actions. The "Recurs" column indicates if references within the
object are copied. The "Follows magic pointers" column indicates if objects
referenced through magic pointers are copied. The "Ensures object is internal"
column indicates if the function ensures that all parts of the object exist in internal
RAM or ROM. The "Copies object" column indicates if the object is copied.
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