background image
template slot. For example, a field for entering
phone numbers might restrict acceptable user
input to numerals.
rich string A string object that contains
imbedded ink words. Rich strings create a
compact representation for strings that contain
ink words and can be used with most of the
string-processing functions provided in the
system software. See also rich string format.
rich string format The internal representation
used for rich strings. Each ink word is
represented by a special placeholder character
) in the string. The data for each ink
word is stored after the string terminator
character. The final 32 bits in a rich string
encode information about the rich string.
root view The topmost parent view in the
view hierarchy. All other views descend from
the root view.
rounded rectangle A rectangle with rounded
corners. The shape is defined by the rectangle
itself, along with the diameter of the circles
forming the corners (called the diameter of
routing format A frame that describes how to
format an object that is to be sent (routed).
Examples include print routing formats, which
describe how to visually format data, and frame
routing formats, which describe the internal
structure of a frame.
routing slip A view that looks like an
envelope. The transport displays this view after
the user selects a transport-based action from the
Action picker. This view is used by a transport
to collect information needed to send the item.
script icon An icon that executes a function
object when tapped.
self A pseudo-variable that is set to the current
A data structure used by the drawing
system to draw an image on the screen.
siblings Child frames that have the same
parent frame.
sketch ink See ink.
An element of a frame or array that can
hold an immediate or reference.
A persistently stored object that contains
a series of frames called entries. Like a database,
a soup has indexes you can use to access entries
in a sorted order.
soupervisor mechanism The system service
that presents the user with information about a
soup when the user taps its icon in the Extras
Drawer. It allows for filing or moving all soup
soup icon An icon that represents one or more
soups, usually in the Storage folder of the Extras
stationery Refers to the capability of having
different kinds of data within a single
application (such as plain notes and outlines in
the Notepad) and/or to the capability of having
different ways of viewing the same data (such as
the Card and All Info views in the Names file).
Implementing stationery involves writing data
definitions and view definitions. See also data
and view definition.
store A physical repository that can contain
soups and packages. A store is like a volume on
a disk on a personal computer.
store part A part that encapsulates a read-only
store. This store may contain one or more soup
objects. Store parts permit soup-like access to
read-only data residing in a package. Store parts
are sometimes referred to as package stores.
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