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target The object being acted upon.
Sometimes the target consists of multiple items,
for example, when multiple items are selected
from an overview for sending.
template A frame that contains the data
description of an object (usually a view). A
template is intended to be instantiated at run
time. See also proto.
text run A sequence of characters that are all
displayed with the same font specification. Text
is represented in paragraph views as a series of
text runs with corresponding style (font spec)
information. See also font spec.
tick A sixtieth of a second.
transport A NewtonScript object that
provides a communication service to the
Newton In/Out Box. It interfaces between the In/
Out Box and an endpoint. Examples include the
print, fax, beam, and mail transports. See also
transport A special type of Newton
application used to send and/or receive data.
Transports communicate with the In/Out Box on
one end and typically to an endpoint object on
the other end. Examples include the built-in
transports such as print, fax, and beam. See also
user proto A proto defined by an application
developer, not supplied by the system.
view The object instantiated at run time from a
template. A view is a frame that represents a
visual object on the screen. The
slot of
a view references its template, which defines its
view class A primitive building block on
which a view is based. All view protos are based
directly or indirectly (through another proto) on
a view class. The view class of a view is
specified in the
slot of its template
or proto.
view definition A view template that defines
how to display data from a particular data
definition. A view definition is registered with
the system under the name of the data definition
to which it applies. The shortened term viewDef
is sometimes used. See also data definition.
A pie-shaped segment of an oval,
bounded by a pair of radii joining at the oval's
center. Contrast with arc.
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